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Friday, October 29, 2010

Postgraduate Scholarship in Geobiosphere Science, Sweden.

Scholarship program in the Department of Earth and Ecosystem Sciences at Lund University.

The PhD project will focus on studies of marine sediments obtained from different upwelling regions across the globe. The aim of the project is to study relationships between primary productivity and the benthic environment in upwelling regions since the last deglaciation. The project involves: sediment sampling, different kinds of laboratory work such as grain-size analyses, analyses of biogenic silica, organic carbon together with a large amount of micropaleontological analyses, foremost benthic foraminifera but also other groups of microfossils may come to mind. Participation in sea-going expeditions might be required.
Eligibility/Entry Requirements: The applicant is expected to hold a university degree (preferably MSc. or equivalent) in Earth Sciences with a strong focus on Quaternary Geology or Marine Geology. A degree in biology with additional courses in Quaternary/Marine Geology might also be considered. The applicant needs to have finished a master or bachelor thesis at the time of appointment. Experience with scientific publication in English is an asset together with experience with micropaleontological work. Lab experience is of advantage although not strictly required.
Applications for this position should include a letter stating the reasons for applying and brief statements about ambitions in relation to the project. The application should also include a CV with general personal information and details of previous studies/work.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1-12-2010

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